Bygone Genital Warts : All You Need to Know About Genital Warts – Uncomfortable Yet Helpful Answers To All Your Questions

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A sexually transmitted disease (STD), genital warts appear as soft and flesh-colored growths on the genital membranes and in most cases they are so tiny that the human eye cannot see them. Genital warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infections, which you can get exclusively by sexual contact with an infected sexual partner or you can spread it to a healthy partner in case you are infected with the HPV. Practising safe sex , as recommended as it may be, cannot however protect you completely against getting genital warts or spreading them to your sexual partner if you suffer from an HPV infection.



You May Be Asymptomatic ( Exhibit No Symptoms) – Play it Safe and See a Doctor
When you are suspecting that you might have gotton genital warts, but you cannot see them in your genital area ( they are sometimes too small to be noticed with the naked eye), you still need to see a medical specialist. It is essential to remember that you may remain asymptomatic for an extensive period of time, which is why it is best to stay on the safe side and visit a health care provider who can make an accurate diagnosis. If you are a pregnant woman who is about to give birth, then making an appointment to see a doctor is a must, because this HPV infection can be transmitted to your baby during childbirth.


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Genital Warts: Be Gone! – The Most Effective Genital Warts Treatment
After a specialist has diagnosed you with genital warts, and depending on the size and exact location of the genital warts your doctor will typically recommend a topical prescription medication ( based on various antivirals) that you need to apply at home a few times per week. Common creams for warts include Imiquimod 5% cream, which works best to eliminate larger rather than smaller genital warts. Imiquimod should be typically applied once a day, at bedtime, three times per week, no more than 4 consecutive months. It should be washed off after 6 to 10 hours using water and soap. Trichloroacetic Acid or TCA ( 80%-90%) is widely recommended for pregnant women suffering from small, hard genital warts because it is the safest treatment of all the prescription medication available for genital warts and thus, it does not pose any risks to the baby. Nevertheless, for optimum results, TCA should be applied by a health care provider only, because this is a highly caustic substance.


tips for genital warts treatment


In case you are looking for a miraculous way to get rid of genital warts without using prescription antivirals, the conventional treatment, you should keep in mind that a natural approach to this STD is not medically backed nor clinically proven to work effectively for genital warts relief. Although some natural remedies such as herbs and supplements boasting antiviral properties ( including echinacea, zinc, propolis, elderberry, olive leaf, liquorice, green tea and garlic) can be used at some extent for genital warts treatment, it usually takes a longer period of time to see results (some people may not see results at all), because they aim at enhancing the immune system. If you are keen on relieving genital warts symptoms naturally and fast treatment is what you are looking for, you may try to use for a while garlic and liquorice, which has interferon-like properties and see how they work for you. In case you have tried these to no avail and you want to get rid of the genital warts instantly, then you have the option to choose a surgical therapy which ensures complete genital warts removal.


Surgical Options
Fast genital warts removal can be achieved with the aid of laser surgery ( a more convenient alternative to surgical excision), electrocauterization combined with surgical ablation of the genital warts and cryotherapy. Laser surgery is the recommended treatment for pregnant women who do not respond to prescription medication such as TCA and it is also generally used for removing inaccessible and larger genital warts. Cryotherapy is a procedure based on liquid nitrogen, it is usually used when the warts are numerous and largely spread and it implies the freezing of the genital warts.

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