Model and Actress Jessica Cambensy Can Now Add Taking The Ice Bucket Challenge To Her Long List of Charitable Work

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Jessica Cambensy is an American model and actress hailing from Chicago, Illinois and the latest celebrity to take the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS! She’s not only beautiful and talented, but helping to raise money and awareness for those with ALS. This Windy City model and actress was born on April 18, 1988, making her a proud Aries! This attractive young woman is 26 years old and has Chinese, Filipina, and American roots. Jessica Cambensy is currently based in the city of Los Angeles and started her career at the age of 15. Jessica quickly gained popularity and attention as a lingerie model in the city of Hong Kong and has been a fan favorite ever since. She has also been prominently featured as an Octagon Girl for the UFC at Venetian Macau. She has worked hard and always kept a positive attitude, part of what has made Jessica so successful in her extremely prominent career. Jessica also keeps her fans and the people who help her out in mind, posting selfies acknowledging her makeup artist Lauren Lee in a recent photo on her Facebook.

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octagon girl jessica cambensy

Jessica doesn’t just model, do photo shoots, and serve as an Octagon Girl. She has also nurtured her movie career and so far been featured in a total of three movies. Jessica appeared in the 2011 movie Beach Spike, directed by Tony Tang, in which two Eurasian daughters of the wealthy Bu family challenge the two nieces of a kung fu master and restaurant owner in Hong Kong’s Paradise Cove to a volleyball match. Jessica played the Eurasian daughter Natalie Bu. The Bu sisters challenge the girls to enter the All Hong Kong Women’s Volleyball tournament to save the area from development. The girls learn kung fu skills that they apply to their volleyball games and may just have a chance at winning the tournament. The movie premiered in Hong Kong on July 7, 2011 and co starred Phoenix Chou, Chrissie Chow, and Theresa Fu.

Beach Spike is mostly light, fun, and very easy on the eyes. The story is about two girls playing to save their beach from being closed to build a resort. That is first movie starred by Jessica C as Natalie Bu. Watch the trailer!

 That’s not the only movie Jessica Cambensy has been in! Jessica starred in the 2012 movie Double Trouble, released in China on June 8, 2012. Double Trouble was written by Sho-heng Yeh and Hongyi Zhang, and directed by Hsun-Wei David Chang. It also starred Jaycee Chan, Yu Xia, and Han Dian Chen. Jessica also landed a role in the action packed 2014 movie Zombie Fight Club. Directed by Joe Chen, it was released in Hong Kong on October 23, 2014 and also stars Abby Fung and Chang Han. The movie is set at the end of the century in a city building that is full of crime. Everyone in the building has turned into zombies as well. The main character Jenny must survive in the face of this new reality with a friend Andy after her boyfriend is killed by zombies. As humanity’s good side seems to be more and more a thing of the past, humanity must struggle with its dark side and build a new civilization and chapter in humanity.

Double Trouble” is a straightforward and unpretentious film which sets out its stall from early on and plays to its strengths, never really trying to offer anything other than knockabout action and comedy. The film’s stars Jaycee CHAN, XIA Yu, DENG Jiajia, Jessica C and Shoko. Watch the trailer!

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Jessica Cambensy recently undertook the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS in rainy Hong Kong on August 20, 2014. The stunning actress and model was nominated for the challenge by her friends Rocky and Charlie Wong. The beautiful model had her red bucket ready half filled with ice water(important when undertaking the dousing solo to keep the bucket light) in an outside patio in Hong Kong and wasn’t helped by the fact that it was already raining! Wearing a white tank top and jean shorts, the actress dumped the bucket over her head and jumped and screamed as she reacted to the effects of the ice cold water! She then threw her hair back and said, “That was nothing!”. Jessica nominated the ‘elegant and delicate’ Anna R. and her Hong Kong manager Christine Chan and her mom in Chicago to also take the Ice Bucket Challenge, reminding them that they have 24 hours to do so.

*Celebrity Model Jessica C take the ice bucket challenge for ALS, well done for the good cause! Feel free to watch her below!

Jessica is not only a beautiful face but also works hard to promote her projects, the people who help make her successful, and charities. Aspiring actresses and models can learn from her work ethic as well as her commitment to charities how to make it in the business and also give back. Jessica recently supported Arte Madrid and Hong Kong cancer patients as well as promoted saving sharks with Save Sharks Hong Kong, appearing on a poster saying “I’m Finished with Fins“. Now Jessica can add the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to her long list of charitable endeavors! This young lady is not only a beautiful face, but has a beautiful heart as well. We join the long list of her many appreciative fans.

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