5 Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance For Medical Conditions

In order for you to obtain travel insurance with a medical condition, you need to declare any pre-existing medical conditions. Purchasing such a policy is slightly more difficult and expensive but it is still possible. Claiming insurance when you already have an existing medical condition that the company was not aware of may result in denial of the claim.


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In addition, the claim may still be denied under certain circumstances even if you had declared a medical condition. The reason for this is because insurance companies usually analyze the cost of their policy and the risks that you carry. The higher your risk level the more you will have to pay for your policy. The following are some of the things that you should know about travel insurance for medical conditions:


1. Function

Travel insurance is meant to cover your medical costs while you are abroad. Most countries provide health care costs to their citizens at reduced costs but may not offer the same health care to non-residents at the same costs. This is where your travel insurance can come in to help you cover the bills.



Private health insurance will most likely be valid to you when you travel to other countries therefore you should ask your insurance company whether you can use your policy in all other countries. The insurance company should also tell you if they cover medical evacuation or stays in foreign hospitals.


If your policy does not cover you in all aspects, then you should consider buying another travel insurance that will cover any other costs that are associated with your medical condition. Some insurance companies offer their customers annual travel policies while others offer their customers policies that cover one way trips that last a certain amount of time.


3. Considerations

As mentioned earlier, getting a cover with an existing medical condition might prove to be a difficult task but there are some companies that will offer you medical cover that is completely unrelated to your existing medical condition. It is up to you to shop and compare insurance quotes from insurance companies that cover people with medical conditions. You should also be ready to be given a higher premium than people who are healthy.


4. Benefits

It is more beneficial to you to claim your existing medical condition and pay a higher premium than fail to do so and have your claim denied or even worse, have your entire policy cancelled. Falling sick while you are abroad and not being covered by your insurance company can be quite inconvenient. Not only can you avoid being denied a claim by your current insurance company by declaring a pre-existing condition, but you will be more at ease knowing that you are receiving treatment at a quality health facility and your medical costs are covered.


5. Definition

It is important that you know what your insurance company defines as an pre existing condition. Some companies define an existing medical condition to be an injury or an illness that you suffered and was receiving treatment the day that you purchased the plan or 120 days before you bought the policy. Check with your insurance company to know which conditions they cover and which ones they don’t.


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