Dannielynn Marshall Has The Happiness Money Can’t Buy

Dannielynn Marshall was born on September 7 in 2006. Vicky Lynn Marshall , playboy model and known more familiarly as Anna Nicole Smith gave birth to Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead, causing much media attention as to who Dannielynn’s father was; Larry Birkhead; a former lover of Anna Nicole, live-in partner Howard K. Stern, Mark Hatten or Alexander Denk among others. Howard Stern’s name was listed on the baby’s birth certificate, but DNA tests later revealed and confirmed that Birkhead was indeed the father of the baby girl.

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Fame Came Early to Dannielynn
Dannielynn was scarcely a month old when a second birth certificate revealed that she was registered as Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. It was only in April 2007 that Dr Michael Baird announced that Birkhead, a photographer, was finally the father of the baby. Stern, on hearing this revealed that he would not contest Birkhead for sole custody as he wanted the child settled down.

Fame came early to the tiny Dannielynn Marshall simply because of the legal battle between Larry Birkhead and Howard Stern, and although she has the looks of her mother and the same spirit, Larry Birkhead is doing what he can to make sure she grows up well adjusted and content.

Was Anna Nicole Smith a Gold Digger?
The lovely young blonde daughter of Anna Nicole Smith was never to know her mother, who died when the baby was only six months old. Anna Smith had married Marshall when she was 26 and he was 89, dying a year later. Anna then began a battle to recover the fortune she claimed Marshall had promised her. However, Anna Nicole Smith was just 39 when she was found dead in a Florida hotel room from taking a mixture of several prescription drugs. Dannielynn would also never know her half brother Daniel, who died at age 20; also from an overdose of drugs. He died just a few days after she was born and she was named after him.

Following in her Mother’s Modeling Footsteps
With so much tragedy surrounding such a tiny life, Larry Birkhead has set about bringing stability and happiness into his young daughter’s life, keeping her out of the media as much as possible. Even so the 7 year old is starting to want to know more about her mother, and Larry Birkhead claims that he isn’t worried about his tender young daughter finding out all the details of her mother’s escapades.

Today Dannielynn is following in her mother’s footsteps, and has been photographed modeling for Guess, the brand that contributed to her mom becoming a fashion icon. Her father is pleased with this aspect of her life as he believes it connects Dannielynn to her late mom.

Dannielynn Birkhead

Things the Richest People Cannot Buy
But now Dannielynn Marshall seems to be entitled to some of the fortune left by oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall who was married to her mom. Some sources claim she could be in line to get up to $49 million of Howard Marshall’s fortune; the money it is thought her mother was after. All too often the world has seen what massive wealth had brought to some people, and those who want to see the little Dannielynn happy and content are hoping that these fortunes don’t bring a host of unsavory characters into her life along with more trauma and sadness.

Larry Birkhead Shaping his Daughter’s Self Image
Larry Birkhead wants Dannielynn Marshall to have as normal a life as possible. Today he and Dannielynn live in Louisville, and while she has inherited an unknown but substantial estate from her mom; most people believe that she would be hard pressed to find a better father who is trying to teach her that her self-worth isn’t based on what people think of her beauty and wealth, but on a caring, kind, balanced and confident young woman.