Feather Hair Extensions

Maintaining Smart Feather Hair Extensions

Feather hair extensions are one of the newest trends to strike the world of locks fashion. Matchless feathers of several designs and colors may add touch and highlights to almost any hairstyle. Several models of feather hair extensions are available in market today. Wondering where to get the feather? Well, farm-raised roosters are good in this. The feathers are normally controlled using heating tools. Some people may wash it and reuse to save some cash. Installation of these extensions does not take too long. In fact, the work is done in period less than an hourFeathers sizes may vary and so you must specify exactly the size you want when buying them to avoid confusions. This can be done online stores or simply visiting a cosmetics dealers.


fetaher hair extensions tips and benefits


Feather extensions commonly sold in clips. Some are permanent but others are temporary. This is basically to perfect the balance created between the different colors. Virtually, any hair do looks more attractive by use of this technique. Are you intending to have your hair extensions for a long period of time? it is very possible. All you need to do is take good care of it. Exposing your extensions to water may cut down their lifespan by much. This will force you to invest a lot of cash in hair simply because of poor management.


Here is some video that show you about clip in feather by Mia. Please take a look…


Washing Extensions

The method to use when washing your extensions will sorely depend on the type of feather extensions you put on. You might wash your extensions immediately when they begin to look dirty or oily. This is essential when your lean-to is directly fixed to your natural hair and cannot be replaced without trouble. To clean your extensions, moistening is fundamental. Try to go simple on the shampoo since it has cruel detergents. In its place, lather with calm shampoo plus use conditioners to aid in replenishing the organic moisture.


Handling Extensions

Avoid roughness on your hair extensions because it may result in curly feathers that don’t last for a long period. When handling and washing extensions, light hand can do it nicely. When cleaning your extensions, you should not scrub the feathers up and down. As a substitute, run your palm sliding along the hair extension. If it is possible to remove the extensions, lay a dry towel on them to dry. In case you bought the permanent, the only available option is to hold the feather freely as they dry up. Alternatively, you may desiccate your hair extensions by use of flat iron. Extreme styling may cause breakage. As a result, you should avoid excessive washing since it may spoil the extensions.


Storing Extensions

You will need a harmless place to stock up your feathers especially when you are not using them. According to beauty experts, you should suspend them by the clip. This is to make sure that they aren’t broken by pushing them into bathroom drawer or even a bag. The easiest solution to prevent this is simply clipping the extensions at the foot of a wipe hanging in your lavatory. This will guarantee fashionable and smooth hair all through.



Use a brush to comb the dry hair extensions. You should begin from the bottom side and then softly brush your hair in a sliding motion. You can do it up three times a day to avoid twists from forming. Remember you can damage everything by using a heat styling tools and so you should avoid it absolutely. Curling iron together with other heated gadgets can easily damage your beautiful hair. Instead, you should give the extensions some time to dry other than employing blow-dryer.



Before carrying out any exercise or sleeping make sure your feather hair extensions are kept safe. You can use a swim cap when in swimming pools to prevent salt water or chlorine from destroying the hair. When feather extensions absorb water, they can easily begin to form annoying mats. When you are taking your exercises, just wear extensions in a pigtail. Extensions must be dry and lightly tied up when going to bed. This is basically to prevent snarling. Use only a small amounts of conditioner to enjoy soft hair without pondering it down. Make sure you are only using the hair products containing healthy chemicals such as alcohol which can dry easily.


Ways to use to style up your Feather Extensions

Do you feel affection for the look of vibrant feather extensions when fixed in your hair? Get creative to make them look even smarter. Feathers are watertight and made to endure day-to-day existing, you can easily style them to be certain they fit better when applied in your hairdo. Here’s how!


Here is more video that you can learn about how to apply feather hair extentions by SWalkerMakeup



Twist you’re Feathers

This method is favorite to many. It is done by simply slotting in a clip-in feather. Use an average to low warm up setting and enfold the feather about the twisted iron. In case you discover that the feathers are too long and they cannot match with your darling hairstyle, the only option is to have the stylist cut.


Wavy Hairstyle

Feathers admits to heat-styling devices. If you’re set to rock the crimped hairstyle, this may give a surprising response. Your feather hair extensions can be incorporated. When creasing a section of hair, you just need to lay the extensions in the crimp and then press. Later you may decide to remove the waves. Flat iron will definitely achieve it using the shortest time possible.


The finest thing regarding feathers is their flexibility. When styling, you really don’t worry about the look since you can easily change the extension. For woven feather, you can clean your locks to be smooth and return it the original natural look. To ruffle the extensions, make use of finger and all will be fine.


In conclusion, smart heat tools work well with every kind of human hair. It does not matter whether the hair is fine or coarse, what matters the hair-setting used. With this innovative latest Smart Heat technology, it is possible to blow dry or even curl whichever synthetic wig.



Why People Choose Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become one among the largest fashions trends among celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston furthermore as among average folks. In fact, chances are that a number of your friends could even have hair extensions and you are doing not even know it. Whether or not you’re interested in fascinated by obtaining hair extensions for yourself or if you’re simply inquisitive about learning more about this fashion statement and why it’s become thus fashionable, you have got come back to the right place.


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