Remembering Anna Nicole Smith – 5 Years After Her Death

3 Things You Need To Know About Anna Nicole Smith

Born on November 28, 1967 in Mexia, Texas, Anna Nicole Smith, became a supermodel, actress, reality television star, and celebrity, famous all around the world. She was famous for controversially marrying an 89 year old man.

playboy model anna nicole smith

Before her life was tragically ended in 2007 because of an accidental drug overdose, Anna Nicole Smith led a full, impressive life and was beloved by fans from every corner of the globe. Ranging from a an amazing rags to riches story to the tragic circumstances of the death of her son, Anna Nicole Smith’s life is definitely an interesting story.

  • Did you know that Anna Nicole Smith had a pretty rough childhood? In fact, Anna Nicole Smith is a stage name. She was born as Vickie Lynn Hogan. After her parents had a messy divorce, Anna Nicole Smith was raised by her aunt and her mother. Later on, she changed her name to Vickie Hart after her mother remarried. Anna Nicole Smith had to drop out from high school after failing her freshman year and went on to work at a series of unglamorous jobs at Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken, Wal Mart and Red Lobster. She was a teenage mom after she married her first husband when she was 17. After divorcing she became a stripper and started taking voice and modeling lessons.
  • Playboy was her big break! Anna Nicole Smith answered a newspaper ad for an audition to appear in Playboy magazine. Hugh Hefner immediately was taken with her and put her on the cover of the 1992 March issue. She first appeared as Vickie Smith in an evening gown. She quickly gained fame because of her tremendous likeness to Marilyn Monroe, her lifelong idol. One of the things that distinguished Anna Nicole Smith from other Playboy models was that she was somewhat larger than most, but made up for it with an incredible sensuality.
  • On a gruesome note, Anna Nicole Smith had to have a closed casket funeral, despite dying from a drug overdose and looking incredible by the end of her life. Apparently, her body was decomposing faster than normal, due to the drugs in her body. The legal troubles surrounding her burial and the fact that the weather in the Bahamas is warm and humid also contributed to these circumstances.

Details surrounding Anna Nicole Smith, the former Guess? model and Playboy playmate, have surfaced and no, they’re not pretty.