Spider-Man’s First Girlfriend Gwen Stacy Remains Entrenched in His Memory

Die hard romantics were somewhat relieved when director Marc Webb opted to leave out Mary Jane Watson played by 21 year old Shailene Woodley and rather focus on Spider-man’s first girlfriend Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone. Webb told the Hollywood Reporter that he wanted all attention to be on the romance of Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield and his girlfriend Gwen. Gwen Stacy is the pretty young daughter of chief police officer, George Stacy, meeting Peter Parker when the two of them were undergraduates at Empire State University.

Gwen once intervened in a fight when it appeared as though the resident school bully, Flash Thompson, might beat Peter up. Shy at first, once Gwen gets to know someone, she opens up and becomes more animated, and this was one instance when she would put her shyness behind her and help the nerdy character she felt a strange attraction towards.

Peter Parker First Ignores Gwen Stacy

At first, trying to keep his identity secret, Peter ignores Gwen’s overtures towards him, but gradually their interest in each other develops and Gwen becomes more intrigued by Peter’s intelligence, comparing him to jocks like the school bully, Flash Thompson. Even so, Peter has also confronted Gwen on her relationship with Flash, demanding to know occasionally if she was interested in him or Flash.

spidey first girlfriend gwen stacy

Gwen Stacy is Peter Parker’s first true love from college days. She was Spider-Man’s girlfriend before he started dating Mary-Jane Watson. Mary Jane has always had a friendly rivalry with Gwen for Peter’s devotions. Nobody fully knows what events take place in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, set for release in May 2014, but Spider-Man’s first girlfriend Gwen Stacy will once again be coming to the aid of her boyfriend, the web slinging Spidey, as he takes on evil villains like Electro and Rhino.

An Angry Gwen has a Fling with Norman Osborn

When George Stacy dies, he reveals to Spider-Man that he knows his identity and that he must look out for his daughter. Gwen believes Spider-Man to be the cause of her father’s death, and she moves to London and stays with her aunt and uncle, leaving Peter downcast without her. Meantime Gwen has had a brief affair with Norman Osborn, but her uncle advises Gwen to return to New York where her and Peter’s love is reignited.

Gwen later gives birth to Norman Osborn’s twins without Peter’s knowledge. After Gwen tells Norman that he will never see his children because she intends raising them with Peter Parker, Norman, the Green Goblin kidnaps Gwen, holding her hostage on Brooklyn Bridge. The Green Goblin throws Gwen from the bridge, but Spider-Man uses his web and catches Gwen, but it appears as if Gwen has broken her neck and died.

Sorrow Makes Spider-Man see Mary Jane in a New Light

Peter went home after this event feeling completely washed out and empty. Spider-Man’s first girlfriend Gwen Stacy was dead, and a person’s first love is always special; one that is never forgotten. Later in future films he is to meet up again with Mary Jane, but her sympathy makes no impact on him as he merely sees her as a shallow party girl.

The Memories of a First Love Remain Forever

Peter will however eventually propose to Mary Jane, but she turns him down and Peter dates other women, one of which was Felicia Hardy. After much water under the bridge, Peter and Mary Jane eventually marry, but as the years pass, Spider-Man’s first girlfriend Gwen Stacy and all they endured together stay alive in his memory forever. Today Spider-Man’s first girlfriend is a living reality, as the love he felt for his on-screen girlfriend has been carried over off-screen, and the two are a hot item today.