What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

Needless to say, not many of us are lucky enough to always be 100% healthy. And this is something that travel insurance providers are keenly aware of and take into strict consideration prior to issuing you with an insurance policy. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the ease of getting travel insurance with medical conditions is very much dependent on the type of condition that you have.


What is a Pre-existing condition? Watch the explanation brought to you by insuremytrip.com



What are Pre Existing Medical Conditions?
These are medical conditions that are deemed to have been in existence prior to you purchasing a travel insurance policy. Generally, most insurance companies consider a pre-existing condition as one or all of the following:


    • Any condition which has been previously looked into or is currently being looked into or treated by a doctor any time before taking out a policy;


    • Pregnancy;


    • Any condition whose symptoms you may be aware of;


    • Any condition that has resulted in a surgical procedure;


    • Any condition that is causing you to visit a medical practitioner;


    • Any condition for which you are taking medication that has been prescribed by a doctor;


  • Any other condition that you may be aware of.


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Which Pre-Existing Conditions are covered?

You may be surprised to learn that most pre-existing conditions are automatically covered even by standard travel insurance policies with controlled conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy often included in the cover at no extra charge.


However, more serious conditions are not given coverage by most insurance travel policies with life threatening conditions such as cancer or HIV/AIDS usually given a wide berth. For pregnant women planning to travel, it is always prudent to carefully scrutinize your insurance policy before embarking on any trip. This is because most travel insurance policies offer limited cover for their pregnant customers.


In addition, coverage for less common conditions varies from company to company. While some companies cover very few conditions, others provide their customers with a myriad of options for travel insurance dependent on medical conditions. Do not be afraid to ask around before settling on a travel insurance policy given the large number of insurance providers around.


How much more will it cost me?
Again, costs will vary depending on the company. However, most pre-existing medical conditions should not cost you a lot more than what is covered by a standard policy. Always shop around to enquire for the best rates from various insurance providers in your area in order to get a good idea of how much your condition is likely to cost you.


Do I have to declare my pre-existing medical condition?
Experts recommend that whenever one is taking out a travel insurance policy, they should declare any pre-existing medical condition that they may have. While it may be possible to get away with not declaring your condition, travel insurance companies should ultimately be able to get to the bottom of it as they would know which conditions are likely to have been pre-existing in case a medical emergency was to arise. Needless to say, this would result in reduced payouts or in extreme circumstances, no payout at all. It is thus not worth the risk.